Back with a vengeance!

Soooo…hey there….not seen you for a bit. My bad! Looked at the site and thought…shit…I’ve not posted since July! So with a new focus and determination let’s get back to rocking in the kitchen!

So my focus is shifting to trying to eat healthier…wait…don’t run away 🙁 It doesn’t mean that we’ll no longer have tasty recipes. They’ll be just as tasty but good for you as well with the odd naughty sinful tasty scrummy tidbit thrown in.

Me personally…..I’ve made a change in my focus with food. I’ve decided to change my eating habits. No diet for me….for years whenever I have dieted…I lost it and then gained it…and more. I hear ya you say…sooooo I’ve now adopted a healthier balance and feel soooooooooooooooooo much better for it and I’m slowly losing weight without feeling like I’m be denied or hungry or pissed off. IT’S GREAT…yup…all capitals. I’m shouting it from the rooftops.

Ok…I can get a bit “preachy” if I’m not careful. But I’m excited….really really excited…like a kid on Christmas Eve excited! If I get really bad just slap me! So the change is to try to replace what we love with healthier alternatives that don’t taste like cardboard! It all started with watching a documentary, Hungry for Change, on Netflix one Saturday afternoon. Eye opening to say the least….so off to purchase a Nutri Ninja and LOADS…I mean LOADS of fruit and veg and away we went. So the new morning ritual involves smoothies to go for breakfast and yup…’ll get the recipes for the good ones. Then we found more and more cookbooks and websites to investigate.

It’s been fun trying out new ingredients and recipes and now we’re going to start throwing them at ya…so get ready…join us for the journeySteel Panther…The Kitchen Rocks is back! Leaner and meaner and ready to rock!