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  • Masterchef Inspired Pan Fried Sea Bass

    Ok, new series of Masterchef UK..always gets my creative juices going to try cooking something new. Now never having cooked sea bass I thought I must give it a try…and it does sound posh!

    2014-04-30 16.27.17

    This was made for one…me!

    1 fillet of sea bass…skin on
    25g butter 1T olive oil

    Heat pan to high. Put in the olive oil, let it warm up, then the butter.

    Season the fillet on both sides and score the skin side, not too deeply though.

    Once the butter is melted place the fillet skin side down and cook until the skin is crispy and the fillet has gone opaque about 2/3 of the way up.

    Flip it over and finish cooking…it is pretty quick 2-3 minutes each side. The fish is done when it flakes easily.

    I served mine with oven roasted balsamic veg. To make the oven roasted veg I cubed a sweet potato, some sweet mama squash, a courgette and a red onion. Popped them in a casserole dish, tossed in some salt and pepper and a couple of glugs of olive oil and pomegranate balsamic vinegar and baked at 180c until the veg were soft! It was a fairly quick easy meal that was tasty and healthy!