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  • Portobello Mushroom Salad

    So with the thought that I need to shift some pounds I thought that lunch today needed to be healthy, tasty, and filling. So off to the fridge I go! This is what I came up with…

    2014-04-10 13.37.03

    1 Portobello mushroom
    1 disc of goats cheese
    1 ramiro pepper or any kind of pepper you desire
    1 beef tomato
    2 rashers of lean bacon cooked until crispy
    small onion sliced and caramelised

    This is a serving for one…so adjust accordingly if you are extra hungry or not lonely!

    Get the grill fired up in your oven and take the stalk out of the mushroom and pop the goat’s cheese disc in the middle and pop on a baking tray and bang under the grill. Chop up the pepper and tomato and put on a plate. When the cheese is sufficiently melted take it out and put it in the middle of the chopped pepper and tomato. Crumble the bacon over the top then top with the caramelised onions.

    This salad needs no dressing as you have the creaminess of the goats cheese, the crunch from the crispy bacon…the sweetness of the caramlised onions…it’s heaven on a plate and no carbs!!!

  • Fennel and Blood Orange Salad

    2014-03-10 16.06.18

    So…..summer is hopefully on it’s way….it’s been a gorgeous day here today. And summer brings the thoughts of cool crisp salad. Now that I figure I best get on with some healthier foods so having fennel in our Riverford box for the first time and that luscious pomegranate balsamic vinegar I started to research fennel based salads. So I decided to throw this together for my lunch at work.

    1 fennel bulb shredded
    1 bulb? of beetroot chopped in whatever fashion you like
    some sprigs of kale
    a disc of goats cheese cubed
    1 blood orange peeled and thinly sliced
    2 capfuls of pomegranate balsamic vinegar

    So basically I just layered this, then drizzled the vinegar over the top…you get the creaminess of the goats cheese, the sweetness of the blood orange, the aniseed based taste of the fennel and then the sharpness of the vinegar…all in all it balances quite well if I do say so myself!

  • Summery Salad

    2014-03-05 13.59.22

    So I found a cool shop in Chichester, Sussex called Zest for Taste…it has a VAST array of oils and vinegars that you can try and buy as well of lots of cool kitchen stuff and dips, jams and just foodie stuff….if you get the chance then check it out. They are also on Facebook and online at www.zestfortaste.co.uk

    Anyhoo…I purchased a bottle of Pomegranate Balsamic vinegar…oh my…it’s smells like I could drink it from the bottle! so on my day off…the veg delivery came and some large red tomatoes screamed make a salad and try that damn vinegar.

    This salad is one where I’m not going to give you specific quantities…salads are truly a wing it thing.

    In mine I put some shredded romaine lettuce, rocket, celery, goat’s cheese, ramiro peppers, salad tomatoes (organic…not the tasteless ones from the supermarket!) sea salt croutons for some crunch and texture! And then I lovingly drizzled 2 capfuls of this amazing vinegar over it and zing….summer in a bowl….well as close as you get for a wednesday in Manchester in March!