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  • Vanilla Pannacotta with roasted Rhubarb and Strawberries


    Always wanted to try making a pannacotta but after watching Masterchef it was one scary dessert to try! but I cracked it and wow! Simple, elegant and tasty…perfect way to finish a meal. Especially when you love vanilla as much as we do!

    70 ml whole milk
    2 vanilla pods
    zest of 1 lemon
    380 ml double cream
    1 1/2 leaves of gelatine soaked
    70 g icing sugar
    200 g rhubarb
    2 T caster sugar

    Heat the milk, vanilla pods (split and seeds removed), vanilla seeds, lemon zest and half the cream into a saucepan and simmer gently for about 10 minutes…let it reduce by about a third. Turn off the heat and add the soaked gelatine and stir til the gelatine is dissolved. Let it cool for a bit and then pop into the fridge…check on it and stir it now an then and when it coats the back of a spoon like custard then it’s ready. Whip the remaining cream with the icing sugar…hint here…sift the icing sugar it will make the cream smoother. Then take the vanilla pods out and mix the two together. Pop into 4 serving moulds and refridgerate for at least an hour…longer is fine.

    While the pannacotta is hopefully setting….cut the rhubarb up into pieces about 2″ long…if your strawberries are quite big then cut them in half and pop them on a tray sprinkle with caster sugar and roast until lightly browned…I had our oven at about 190c and it took around 10 min. If you’re feeling fancy you can follow Jamie Olivers lead and take some champagne or prosecco grate a little fresh ginger and sprinkle cinnamon in it and heat gently then pour over the fruit and let sit for about 30 minutes.

    Pop the pannacotta out of the molds and decorate with the fruit and gently pour the champagne around…..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!

  • Creamy Dreamy Caramel Sauce

    This sauce has a knack to getting it perfect…once you have that knack it’s divine…can be eaten in many ways….over ice cream, as a dipping sauce for apples, with a teaspoon (let it cool first or you’ll have no skin on the roof of your mouth)

    3 cups caster sugar you can use granulated it just takes longer to melt
    1 c water
    2 t Vanilla extract
    5 T butter
    3/4 c double cream
    2 t sea salt

    Get a large heavy bottomed sauce pan. Spread the sugar evenly over the bottom of the pan. Slowly pour in the water and heat over medium. Now as much as you want to….DO NOT stir it! Let the sugar boil and bubble and dissolve into a nice clear syrup. If there are any clumps then give the pan a swirl.

    Now….here’s the part that takes practice…watcht the pan closely and then the caramel should start to smoke and turn a golden colour and then a reddish brown colour and starts to smell. Don’t let it start to smell too burnt…it needs to be a dark amber coloue then take it off the heat.

    Now stir in the vanilla, butter, cream and sea salt. Watch out as it will bubble up…don’t dip your finger in to taste it as you’ll burn yourself! It’s tempting….but wait for it to cool!

    Pour into a jar and use when you need it….it’ll all be gone by the time it goes off….just like the chocolate syrup 🙂