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  • Porridge…like Mum makes

    2014-06-10 08.37.30

    Now I know this is a pretty boring thing but my Mum always makes me porridge when I go visit…even my kids ask for Grandma’s porridge when they go visit. It’s very easy to make and much nicer than the instant oats stuff. I use rolled oats and water…1 cup of water to every 1/2 cup of porridge and that’s a decent serving per person. Pop it into a saucepan on low…and slowly mix with a wooden spoon until lovely and creamy. Add whatever you like to top it. We always had brown sugar and a bit of milk and when Mum/Grandma isn’t looking you sneak on some golden syrup too! Now seeing as I’m trying to be a bit healthier I had a chopped up Anjou pear and some omega sprinkles on mine!