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  • Healthy Banana Oat Nut cookies

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    Now these haven’t photographed very well…but they taste great! Honest…I wouldn’t lie to you guys! Having rescued some bananas that someone was throwing out at work because they had gotten too dark, I needed to make something tasty, and with healthy eating being on the agenda I had also bought a LARGE tub of coconut oil from Costco so the two needed to be used together. Cookies are easy to make, easy to transport and definitely easy to eat so a batch beckoned.


    150 g coconut oil
    220 g dark brown sugar
    1 egg
    125 g mashed banana (about 1 decent sized banana)
    2 t vanilla extract
    125 g plain flour
    1/2 t baking soda
    1 t salt
    2 t cinnamon
    1/2 t allspice
    250 g oats
    60 g chopped walnuts
    70 g raisins

    Preheat oven to 180c. Get your baking trays ready…grease, line, silpat…even non stick. Cream together oil and sugar, add egg, banana and oil and mix. Sift in the flour, baking soda and salt…sprinkle in the spices and mix until combined. Mix in the oats, walnuts and raisins until distributed evenly. Pop onto the prepared baking trays leaving room for spread. Pop into the oven for about 10-12 minutes…depending on how big you made them. They need to cool before you take them off the trays as they are soft and chewy cookies.

  • Scrummy Banana Walnut Muffins

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    Ya know when you kinda forget about the bananas in the fruit bowl and the skins go all black and yukky looking and you pick them up and they automatically start to peel themselves? Don’t chuck them out…they are perfect for this recipe!


    2 c self raising whole wheat flour
    1/2 c dark brown sugar
    2 t baking powder
    1 t cinnamon
    1/4 t salt
    3 rather ripe bananas
    3/4 cup almond milk…regular milk is ok too
    1 medium egg
    1 t vanilla extract
    3/4 c chopped walnuts

    Preheat oven to 160 c
    Prepare your muffin tin…we use a big ass muffin tin and if you can find liners go for it if not we just use cake release spray or good old butter to grease the tray.
    In a big bowl combine all the dry ingredients, whisk em up to distribute all the goodness evenly.
    In a smaller bowl mush up the bananas and add the wet stuff. Mix til smooth.
    Make a hole in the middle of the dry stuff and pour in the wet stuff… mix til combined. Don’t over mix!
    Fold in 1/2 c of the walnuts.
    Pour evenly into your muffin tray and elegantly decorate the top with remaining walnuts….sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and brown sugar on the top….pop in the oven and 23 minutes later (give or take) you have 6 lovely tasty fairly healthy muffins!

  • Blueberry Banana Smoothie

    Ok, so all the recipes so far aren’t really all that healthy. This smoothie is quickly whipped up and is tasty and pretty good for you. I find it’s quick and keeps me full for quite a while! I use almond milk as I like the slightly nutty taste.

    1 c Blueberries
    1 medium banana
    1 c Almond milk….or you can use regualr milk…whateve your preference is
    1 scoop of vanilla protein…you can use other flavours but this is my favorite.

    Chuck it in a blender and whip it up…pour into a large glass and down in one!

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