Gadget Reviews


Make the best chips with just a tablespoon full of oil? Healthy chips? Yeah, that’s what we thought. We had to try this just to test out a claim like that. The verdict is in. It really does and has earned it’s place in TheKitchenRocks. 40 minutes stand between you and some of the best chips you will have had.

This baby also comes with a recipe book that will show it is capable of producing a LOT more than just awesome chips. The current favourite is the Thai five spiced chicken but there are a lot of good ones in here to try. The Madagascan beef is pretty special. The Actifry is easy to clean and dishwasher safe and while it’s not cheap it is definitely recommended.


Just picked up a new toy…and you know we love toys for the kitchen. The Cuisinart DLC1SSRU Mini Food Processor. This handy dandy little guy works like a hot damn. It chops and grinds like the big boys but with such a small footprint it takes up little of your valuable counter space and makes the little jobs easy. This won’t make a batch of pastry or a big mix of something but it’ll take the tears out of chopping an onion or the drudgery of chopping nuts! It chops up ginger and garlic like nobody’s business. It only has 2 speeds (chop or grind) but it’s just what you need for small jobs. Truly recommended by TKR!